• Jim Kachenmeister

We're Back!

What a wild summer we have had here at il Borghetto in San Gennaro. After the pain of the summer of 2020 when our business was cut in half by Covid lockdown in Italy for most of the year, 2021 has seen an amazing burst of business that is still extending into deep October. After a hesitant start in June we suddenly filled all five of our il Borghetto apartments from mid-July through the first week in October, and that was without our traditional biggest group of guests from the UK and the USA. Instead, droves of Europeans filled our apartments in the heart of summertime, splashed in our pool, visited the beaches of the Versilia coast and the Cinque Terre, and rode their bikes around the walls of Lucca. Perhaps a bit of wine from Chianti and Bolgheri was also consumed. It seemed like everyone who could drive from Germany, Holland, France and Spain decided that Tuscany was the safest and easiest place to have their summer holiday. We are grateful! I can’t wait for 2022 to arrive when the pent-up demand from the US and the UK will surely return to il Borghetto, Lucca, and the beauty of Tuscany. I encourage you to book early and feel free to contact me directly to avoid those booking site service fees. I am waiting to hear from you at

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