La Porcellaia in Arsina

High in the hills of Arsina, near a smattering of farm houses, villas and olive groves four miles outside the walls of Lucca, stood a monstrosity of a big, abandoned, cinder-block building.  How in the world anyone received permission to build a pig farm on this hillside with spectacular views looking south over Lucca is beyond me.  They were the luckiest pigs in the world; well, for every day except one, that is.

The building was complete with electricity, water, and two large rooms with feeding troughs.  Eight hundred square meters (8600 square feet) of luxury porcine living quarters with views to die for... literally.  It had been abandoned years earlier and as you can't build in the hills of Tuscany unless there is already a structure there, we were after the volume of buildable square meters when we purchased it in 2007.

The views from La Porcellaia are more spectacular than from il Borghetto in San Gennaro. You look southward, over the Lucca valley, with the Appenine and Pisa mountains in the distance.  You can see the church steeples of Lucca peeking up over the medium hills in the foreground.  It is quiet, peaceful, and only ten minutes from the famous walls of Lucca.

We plan to build three spectacular homes on our land, each one with its own private swimming pool and underground parking.  Each house has a minimum of 275 square meters (3,000 square feet) of luxury living, with chestnut beamed ceilings, handmade terrracotta floors, in-floor heating and air-conditioning.

Have a look at the renderings below and be sure to click on the Video, where you will be given an aerial tour of the location complete with our superimposed images of how the houses will be positioned on the hillside.

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